Board of Directors

Carol Smith-Gee (Chair)
Marilyn Foss (Vice Chair)                                 Sue Harrison (Secretary)                       Kristy Van Kooten-Bossence (Treasurer)
Trevor Finkenzeller
Lana Graham
Sue McCann
Dianna Wallace

Members Advisory Council

Nora Holden
Betty Barnhill
Marilyn McFarland
Mary Pinney
Kim Bidwell
Joyce Pavey

Special Events Committee

Nora Holden
Ken Angus
Deb Dahl
Gary Dilks
Eleanor Dorland
Mary Pinney
Sharon Dunn
Ray Dahl
Bonnie Knott
Kim Bidwell


This Centre is gratefully funded by the following organizations:

Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

Town of Ingersoll

Centre Memberships

User Fees


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